July 6th

We spent the rest of the week traveling back and forth to Cincy to complete prechemo testing.  These tests will be performed throughout to monitor the impact, if any, the chemo is having on the heart, kidney function, and hearing.  We’re all set for our admittal on Monday.  

In addition, they conducted 2 scans yesterday that identified several other tumors.  One on the left femur,several in lymph nodes around the large abdominal mass and several at the base of the spine.  It doesn’t change anything for the doctors.  The staging and treatment all stays the same, but it changes things for me.  To continue to hear there is more and more cancer in your child’s body feels like a blow every time.  They just care that it has spread to the bone.  But I care about every bone in her body.  I grieve every time I hear a new one has been invaded.  

Cancer.  We so often wonder why.  Wonder how.  And all of that wondering takes me no where.  It doesn’t make it go away or bring me any peace.  The only thing that brings me peace right now is crying out these words to the Lord:  

“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,

And ransom captive Israelle.”

I sing them every day as our reality seems unbearable and every night as I lay in bed with her wishing it would all go away.  And I will continue to sing it.  Through my tears and anger too.  


24 Replies to “July 6th”

  1. You do not know me, but I am a friend of a friend. I am praying for you every time your story crosses my mind (which is often!) I am praying for full restoration of health in your sweet little Izzy, and strength and peace for your whole family! I am praying Psalm 91 for you and your family! I encourage you to read this chapter over your precious girl!

  2. Makes me sob…can’t imagine what you are going through but will PRAY and get others to pray also! Love you!

  3. I am a friend of Shannon Beavers. We met when my little girl was born with a heart defect. I have been following your story and wanted to tell you that my heart breaks for you, your little girl, and your whole family. I pray that God walks with you and carries you thru this journey. I don’t begin to imagine what you are going thru but I want you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. Hello, I am Shari’s mom and my heart breaks reading what your family is going through. God must believe your family to be very strong. I thank you for your courage and strength to share your story. It humbles us all. Please know that your story has touched many and that prayers from all over the world will be said without ceasing, lifted up for Izzy and for your family. Please do not be afraid to share your needs, this community wants very much to help you all in any way we can. Thank you for sharing your faith and trust in the Lord, may he envelop you with love and comfort through this most difficult time.
    With love and prayers – Dana

  5. Whenever you can, flip it. Flip it positive. It saves you from losing your mind. So, now you know all the places. Doesn’t matter, because the chemo is going to get it all whether you know where it is or not. And your God knows every last detail of Izzy’s body. Science is amazing what they can track down and treat. But your God, the author of all that knowledge, knows exactly where the cancer is. So you get to stand down and rest. He has you covered.

  6. Molly & Kendrick, I am praying constantly for you all. Praying for the peace only the Lord can give to wash over your family as you hope in Christ alone.

  7. Praying for your daughter and your family! I will continue to pray for strength, patience & guidance!

  8. Your situation came to my attention through our church. I just wanted you to know that your writing down of your thoughts is truly eloquent and helps us know how you feel going through this. Keep writing. It will certainly help others as well as yourself. And when you feel that no one can know how you feel, remember that God knows. And that He knew before you ever started on this journey.

  9. Molly, the Sellersburg crew is praying for Izzy. We also are praying for you, Kendrick and the entire family to give you all strength!

  10. Yes, Jesus, you paid the ransom and paid with your blood! Take captive this disease and smite it in one complete moment! Have mercy and release healing in every moment she is in Cincy! Surprise the Doctors with reversal of the findings!

  11. I have known Darah since she was 6 weeks old!! Love her to death. So sorry to hear of this, this “thing” that is happening in your family. I am thinking & praying for you and your daughter/family. Take Care & God Bless you and yours

  12. I am praying intently for Izzy this morning! I look forward to meeting this precious little girl that Anna love so much. We are friends of Austin from Goshen. May God wrap his arms around your family and carry you through this time. He is BIG, STRONG, and MIGHTY enough to do the task!

  13. There are no words…only words to Jesus who calms the storm and when the storm is not able to be calmed….He can calm the storm in our heart and soul! I suffer with physical pain that I cannot even wish on a beautiful little girl and her family, yet you all are bearing one even bigger! I am sorry for this pain..so very sorry, but I can see that you are lovers of our Saviour! Oh my that is good! I am from Cicero Indiana and our whole church is praying for every detail! Love and Peace in this storm!
    Jodi White

  14. Molly, I am constantly thinking of and praying for you and Kendrick and your precious Izzy. May God work miraculous healing. Praying for strength for you all.

  15. Molly, Kendrick, Bev & Ken, my heart aches for you as I have heard and read about Izzy. Bless her Lord. I will continue to lift her up in prayer for healing and comfort. I pray that the Lord will guide you and give you wisdom and comfort. Caren

  16. Molly, We are sending prayers up everyday. I cry to think of what you, Izzy, and your family are going through. Please just remember that He is there with Izzy and you and your family every minute of every day. We will keep the prayers going and if you need absolutely anything all you need is to ask.

  17. Okay I’ll be one of the “token guys” sending a thought your way. I am Ryan and Kristin’s uncle Denny up here in Michigan and just last night learned about all that’s going on in your lives. Although I cannot do much, I can in fact pray and I pray well and often. Please know that thoughts and prayers are coming your way from all directions. I will continue to stay in touch.
    Godspeed to you all.

  18. My heart breaks for you. I will continue to pray for all of you. Our God is bigger than the cancer. He will give you comfort and peace that only he can give; just let him carry you thru this.

  19. I learned of Izzy through Aleshia Overbey. I can see Izzy in my mind’s eye and can see you standing near her. I don’t know how I can help, but please know that many of us are trying to help carry your burden and want to help you “flip it.”

  20. You have friends, and friends of friends at Broadway United Methodist Church praying for Izzy and your whole family. I m on staff there, and pray that you are always, always always aware of God’s love for you, and for Izzy. You are not alone.

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