In the Darkness

I have spent the greater part of the past four months living on an Oncology floor. We live in a world of darkness here where there is little room for light to shine. Hope is something to fight for, faith is a constant choice and peace seems like a thing of the distant past. There are questions that will never get answered and a sadness that floats through the hall like the crisp autumn breeze. You can feel it against your skin as you pass someone in the hall. Each time someone dies we all feel it. Like a stone being thrown in a quiet pond, the place of impact feels it the most, but the ripples continue outward touching us all. The closer you are to the family the more you feel it, but everyone on the floor feels it a little. There is a camaraderie between everyone who has walked down this path with you or before you. 

The pain along this journey is insurmountable, but by far the most difficult part is the loss of control. It hits on a broad spectrum with diagnosis and day by day it begins to consume every last detail of your life. Layer by layer I have continued to lose control. It started with the unknowns of cancer, next it was being separated from my other child and then having to step down from my job. But now I long for control in the mundane. I’d just like to know when the doctors are stopping by each morning for rounds so I know when to shower and when I can run downstairs for coffee. But I dont even have control over that.

Izzy is doing well today except for some nausea. This week she finally made it out of her room after thirty five days in isolation from C-Diff. She is thrilled to be going on walks downstairs again and is back to painting in the playroom. They said she could ‘maybe come home tomorrow’ but they’ve been saying that since Tuesday. The new feeding tube has created problems of it’s own but hopefully soon they will release us anyway. I would love for us all to have a long week home together before round six. And I know she would love to be home for Halloween to dress up and just be a kid. 

I always wonder after I write if I have accurately portrayed our journey. I read and reread each entry before finally hitting ‘post.’ I care little about the typos or grammatical errors. Of greater importance to me is if I’ve done our journey justice. Or the opposite, have I over done it? I can’t say for sure on the first, but I’ll tell you that I have decided it would be impossible to over dramatize this experience. Best I try, and I will keep trying, I do not think there are words in the English language that fully capture what’s taking place in my heart. Pain this deep can only be communicated through a secret, unspoken language that I have become more fluent in each day. Because each person’s journey through this type of pain is so vastly different, it’s a language only truly understood between the Creator and it’s creation. I find myself thankful to know the only other One who speaks it. Perhaps you too have discovered it along your own journey.

10 Replies to “In the Darkness”

  1. Prayers for you and your family to be together and for Izzy to be a normal kid and dress up for Halloween!!

  2. I’m guessing she will be a Princess? We love you guys and are praying for you everyday. I personally enjoy your blogs, every one of them. Although they are heartbreaking, it lets us know how you guys are doing. Good or bad, we want to know. And it also helps us to know what to pray for. I’m praying for a little Princess at the Mattocks house on Halloween! Love you!

  3. I have been reading your story, and my heart is heavy for Izzy and all of you. I just spent the day with my four year old granddaughter.she was so full of energy. I want that for Izzy. So I will be praying for her everyday. I know God will do something amazing. To Him be the glory. Be strong, dont lose faith. God loves you all.

  4. Molly I do not know you or your family but I have been following your posts for Izzy and feel as though I do know you. I just want you to know how much you writings touch my soul! I pray for Izzy every day in hopes that she will be rid of the terrible pains she endures each day. Marcia Calhoun is my sister and she shares your post with me. I want you to know that you are amazing and I hope that you might consider putting all your post into a book for everyone who would like to read your words would be able to. God Bless You and your family !

  5. Molly, I too love ALL and everything about your posts. I often look through my fb or/and emails to see if u posted anything. Love it as much as I love u guys. BTW did Izzy receive a princess blanket? If not I’m so making her one and mailing it.

  6. Praying for you all to be together and home for Halloween. God please hear anwser this pray for this little girl to be home and get to be a little girl for a few days. May she get to spnd time with her brother and dress up.

  7. You communicate your journey perfectly. Each post wrenches me both physically and emotionally.

    Our love to all of you.

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