December 2011

It’s Christmas morning and everyone is crying. They don’t want me to know so I try not to look. They are crying about the rock the doctor found in my tummy. Mommy said they can take the rock out and everything will be okay. Then my tummy won’t hurt. She said I will be sleeping when they take it out, that I’ll be in a special kind of sleep where you can’t feel anything or wake up. Then she said after a couple days my tummy won’t hurt anymore. It sounds like a good idea to take the rock out. But if it’s such a good idea, I don’t know why everyone keeps crying. 

My name is Izzy and this is my story.

My tummy started hurting around my birthday this year. I turned three and had a princess party. That was a long time ago, before the summer came. Sometimes it would just hurt a little bit on one day and then not again for a very long time. But then it started hurting everyday and sometimes a lot. Sometimes I couldn’t stand up because it hurt so bad. Mommy took me to the doctor lots of times before they found the rock. She took me to the regular doctor that tells you if you’re growing enough and then to a special doctor who just looks at tummys. They all said the same thing. First they said I just had to go to the bathroom but couldn’t. But mommy kept telling them that wasn’t it. So then they said that I had an allergy or something. Not the sneezing kind of allergy but the kind you get when you eat something your body doesn’t like. Mommy thought that was dumb. She said no one was listening to what she was saying. Well, that’s what I heard her tell daddy. She gets real upset when my tummy hurts but she always says shes not mad at me. She said she’s mad because no one will listen and she wants to fix it.

She finally got them to do a fancy kind of picture, different than the other types they had done before. I had to lay real still and go into a machine but just for a minute. I had to get a needle that day too and I cried. During the picture the needle put something in my body that made me feel warm. Mommy said it helped them take a better picture. The man that took the picture was real nice. After he took it he came into the room and gave me a teddy bear. He looked like he was going to cry when he handed it to me. Then he put his hand on mommy’s shoulder and said Merry Christmas. I think maybe he saw the rock in the picture and knew it would make mommy cry.

Right after we got home from the picture is when the doctor called. I could hear mommy in my room on the phone but I couldn’t hear her words. I just heard her crying. She must have called daddy because he came home from work. My grandma and grandpa were there too and when daddy got home then everyone started crying. That’s when they told me and Carter about the rock. Carter’s my brother. They told us I needed a surgery to have it taken out. But we didn’t have to do the surgery until after Christmas and Christmas was in two days. I was too excited about the presents to ask too many questions.

The next day we went to the church for Christmas Eve. Mommy works at the church so we go there a lot. All the kids prayed for me in the room for kids. They did a special prayer for when you’re sick and they put their hands on me. When I would look up and see their eyes all the kids would smile at me. But all the grown ups were crying. After we sang our Christmas songs to Jesus more grown ups prayed for me. It kind of made me worry with all those people praying and crying. And they kept praying the same things over and over and I wondered how many times you have to ask God something before he does it. Maybe they know the special number of times and that’s why they keep asking over and over.

We had to get to the hospital really early on the day of my surgery. Lots of friends and family came to see us in the room where you wait. When the doctor came mommy made everyone leave so she and daddy could ask questions. He showed us a picture of the rock and told us how he was going to take it out. A real nice nurse had me put on a special nightgown and then gave me some medicine. It started to make me tired when they were talking. After the doctor left more nurses came. They said I had to hug mommy and daddy and that they couldn’t come back with me to the other room. That made me sad.

I was real scared when I went into the room where they were going to take out the rock. Everyone kept saying this was a hospital for kids but this room did not look like a place for kids. There were lots of scary machines and lights and the people in there were all covered in paper. They had paper over their clothes and their heads and even their faces. All I could see was their eyes. Some of them had nice eyes, like they were smiling. I found one lady with nice eyes and looked at her a lot when I fell asleep. She helped me stop crying and she said they were going to take real good care of me.

When I woke up my tummy hurt a lot worse than it had before. I couldn’t remember where I was and I wanted mommy. The lady with the nice eyes kept telling me that my mom could come back in just a little bit. But it seemed like a long time. Finally mommy and daddy both came back and they said they wouldn’t leave again.

I had to stay in the hospital for a few days but I don’t remember it much. I slept a lot and was real sore. Sometimes I would wake up crying and mommy or daddy would come lay with me. Finally I got to go home. I was real excited to be in my house and to be with Carter. He drew a picture of me and the rock that came out of my belly. Everyone was happy the rock was gone. I was most happy that my tummy wouldn’t hurt ever again.

Home From the Hospital – January 1st, 2012

2 Replies to “December 2011”

  1. I had my second surgery at 3 years old (can’t remember the one I had at 13 months), and this certainly captures how it felt to me! So scary and such a strange and frightening place to have to go alone!
    All my love to you and life to Izzy!

  2. You never fail to amaze me little princess. Your stories just make me smile and cry to. But you are so beave and us brave people cry sonetime to. So its ok. You enjoy your day sweet little lady. I wilk be praying till we meet tomorrow for more of the story. The best story i have ever read. You keep up the great work. Some more love and bigggg hugs.

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