Year End 2012

We ended up spending Thanksgiving in the hospital that year too. Carter and Daddy always came on the weekends but for Thanksgiving we had other family come too. They had a big dinner down the hall for all the families that couldn’t go home for Thanskgiving. Everyone ate Turkey and Mashed Potatoes on paper plates. Everyone except me because I still couldn’t stop throwing up. Mostly they just fed me in my blood becuase my tummy couldn’t really handle anything.

Staying in the hosptial wasn’t so bad most of the time. Everyone gave me games to play and crafts and they even had a playroom I could go to if my counts were high enough. By now I knew all the nurses and most of them were real nice. They knew my name and all the things I liked and didn’t like. Sometimes they would let me paint their nails before they went home.

We finally had a little break before Christmas and before we came back for the next part of treatment which was called Stem Cell Transplant. My counts were real good and we didn’t have to come back to the hospital for two weeks. All of us were so happy to be home together. That first night after we found out my counts were high mommy and daddy told us they had a special present. We had to sit by the Christmas Tree together and they gave us a small red box. It was real sparkly with a bow on it. When we opened it there was some pictures inside of Mickey Mouse. Daddy told me and Carter that we were going to Disney World the next day. Mommy video taped the whole thing and we were so excited. I went straight to my room and started packing all my princess dresses. I was going to wear a different one everyday. Princesses were my favorite thing and I couldn’t wait to see the real ones at Disney World.

I slept with mommy and daddy that night (well, everynight since I had my pump and fluids) and I woke up crying in the middle of the night. I had a fever and mommy said we had to go to the emergency room. She said it should be okay though because my counts were so high. Daddy stayed home with Carter and me and mommy went to the hospital that was right by our house. They drew my labs and then said my counts were real low. I started crying and mommy didn’t understand because they were good when they checked earlier. She said they wasn’t going to tell us about the trip if I didn’t have good counts but since I did they thought we would be okay. The doctor said he was sorry but that I had to stay in the hospital. I even had to ride in an ambulance to go to one for kids.

When we got to the new hospital I was still crying a lot and there was lots of nurses that kept coming in and out of our room. Mommy said the machine for my vitals was broken and it kept giving them the wrong numbers. The nurses kept switching it out which was starting to bother me because I wanted to go to sleep. Finally a nurse realized the machine wasn’t broken but that my vitals were all real bad. They had to call a special kind of doctor and I had to be in ICU. ICU is a special part of hospitals with real smart doctors and machines that can help you breath. The last thing I remember was mommy laying with me and telling me everything would be okay, then I fell asleep.

When I opened my eyes it was morning and all the special nurses and doctors had left the room. Daddy was there too and him and mommy was just looking at me. I started thinking and then I looked at mommy and said: Mommy, we have to leave, we’re going to miss our plane. Mommy just started crying and that’s when I knew we weren’t going. Then I started crying harder than I’ve cried in a long time. All I wanted was to be with the princesses and instead I was stuck in a stupid hospital again.

The next day I had to ride in another ambulance to our regular hospital in Cincinatti. They had an ICU there too so that’s where we were going. Mommy told me I had gotten an infection in my blood. My blood was real sick and they weren’t sure how to fix it yet. I didn’t care, I was just sad about not going to Disney World. I asked if we could go when I left the hospital but mommy said we had to be back on a certain day for my Stem Cells. I hated stupid Stem Cells and stupid cancer.

After a couple days we got moved to our regular floor and all the nurses were real sad to see me. They knew I was supposed to be in Disney World so they hated to hear about my infection. I was going to have to have my line taken out and a new one put in. Somehow my line had gotten germs in it and well, I didn’t realize it but you can die if that happens. We were real thankful that I was going to be okay.

One morning when I woke up there was something special hanging on my door. It was a note from Cinderella inviting me to tea. She had heard that my trip to see her got canceled and so she was coming to the hospital just to see me. All the nurses said she had never made the trip to Cincinatti before so I must be real special.

That afternoon she came and I was so excited. She even brought me an American Girl doll! We had tea and talked and both had matching dresses. I think she knew she was my favorite. I’m not sure if she was the real Cinderella or not but I thought maybe it worked like Santa. Maybe she had workers that went out and did trips for her. After that I forgot about not being able to go to Disney World because I was so excited about the special time I had with her. And on Christmas Eve they let us go home so we could all be together as a family for a couple days.

Izzy, Elphy, Cinderella and her gift: Kit

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