Bundle Up – 2018


This will be our fourth annual Bundle Up, a day we help “people with no homes” stay warm. This idea was heavy on Izzy’s heart in the winter of 2015 after we passed some folks living on the street in downtown Indianapolis. She was broken-hearted that we couldn’t invite them to live with us and so decided the least we could do was help them stay warm. All she could talk about was giving them blankets, so that first year our family went downtown with a wagon and passed out 25. Since then we have invite others to join us and last year we collected and distributed over 200 sleeping bags!! What people were most excited about last year, however, was coats that were a last minute drop off that day. This year, we are moving away from blankets and sleeping bags and will be distributing coats, hats and gloves instead.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Donate a coat through our Amazon Wish List.

2. Donate cash through GoFund Me (for hats, gloves and any additional coats we don’t receive).

3. Hold your own Bundle Up where you know there is need! Even if it’s just you and your family going into an area of need with Christmas cookies and a handful of gloves – do it!

**This year I’m scaling back the number of people we will utilize during the distribution. That piece has been the most challenging to nagivate over the years. We’ve had an over-abundance of people who want to help – which is great – but then not enough for them to do. In order to keep the emphasis on the folks we are serving we will just be serving with our family and close friends. If you really want to be a part of the actual giving, I encourage you to find a way to take Izzy’s vision into your own local community.

If you didn’t know, December 23rd is the date of Izzy’s diagnosis back in 2011. It’s important to us that we turn this day, that has shaken our world so violently, into something positive. That we continue to reclaim it and have the last word. The enemy does not get the final say in what happens on our journeys, we get to choose. And we choose LIFE, we choose HOPE and we choose LOVE. No matter what.

Blessings on you today and LIFE for Izzy.

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