December 2011 – Part 1

It’s Christmas morning and everyone is crying. They don’t want me to know so I try not to look. They are crying about the rock the doctor found in my tummy. Mommy said they can take the rock out and everything will be okay. She said I will be sleeping when they take it out, that I’ll be in a special kind of sleep where you can’t feel anything or wake up. Then, she said after a couple days, my tummy won’t hurt anymore. It sounds like a good idea to take the rock out. But if it’s such a good idea, I don’t know why everyone keeps crying.

My name is Izzy and this is my story.

My tummy started hurting after my birthday this year. I turned three and had a princess party. That was a long time ago, before the summer came. Sometimes it would just hurt a little bit on one day and then not again for a while. But then it started hurting every day and a lot. Sometimes I couldn’t stand up because it hurt so bad. Mommy took me to the doctor lots of times before they found the rock. She took me to the regular doctor that tells you if you’re growing enough and then to a special doctor who just looks at tummies. None of the doctors knew, they just said tummies hurt sometimes. Mommy said no one was listening to what she was saying. Well, that’s what I heard her tell daddy. She gets real upset when my tummy hurts but she always says she’s not mad at me. She said she’s mad because no one will listen and no one will fix it.

Mommy finally got them to do a fancy kind of picture, different than the other types they had done before. I had to lay real still and go into a machine but just for a minute. I had to get a needle that day too and I cried. During the picture the needle put something in my body that made me feel warm. Mommy said it helped them take a better picture. The man that took the picture was real nice. After he took it he came into the room and gave me a teddy bear. He looked like he was gonna cry when he handed it to me. Then he put his hand on mommy’s shoulder and said Merry Christmas. I think maybe he saw the rock in the picture and knew it was gonna make her cry.

Right after we got home from the picture is when the doctor called. I could hear mommy in my room on the phone but I couldn’t hear her words. I just heard her crying. She must have called daddy because he came right home from work. That’s when they told me and Carter about the rock. Carter’s my big brother. He’s 5. They told us I needed a surgery to cut the rock out. But we didn’t have to do the surgery until after Christmas. Mommy said getting the rock out would make me feel better. But if I was gonna get better, I still didn’t understand why everyone was crying.

9 Replies to “December 2011 – Part 1”

  1. I pastor Getaway Community Church in Getaway Ohio. Every Sunday we request prayer for Miss Izzy and her family. As a father, my heart rides the roller coaster with you all as you get news and pass the information on. We will continue to pray and send our love and prayers for you!

  2. We are with you along the way, even though you don’t know us. Just as there are so many unknowns in life. We will continue to pray for all of you. Molly, you are one of a kind. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. I’ve been following Izzy for a long time now on FB. We as her FB family have grown to love this girl beyond measure. She is beauty personified inside and out! She gave me strength and faith I needed to get through recent breast cancer and I thank her for that. For a young lady she shows such strength of character but I think she also knows that it’s ok to just be a little girl sometimes too. LIFE for Izzy!
    Diane Norman xoxo

  4. I have been following Izzy’s story for quite a few years but not since the beginning. I am looking forward to reading Izzystory Through Her Eyes. Bless you for letting us all into your life by your heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking writings.

  5. I’ve been following Izzy’s story from the time she was diagnosed. My sister Debra spent a great deal of time in the neighborhood with Lori, and Tim. I remember she called me one day and talked about Izzy and the fear she may have cancer, she asked me to pray for Izzy. I did and will continue to pray for Izzy, all of you , the physicians, as well as everyone involved in her care. You have blessed me by sharing all this. God Speed Miss Molly.

  6. Father God…Izzy’s Story is eternal….I weep for Izzy and her beloved family during this brief moment. I rejoice in the lessons taught through Izzy….that help me travel through difficulties this side of Your Kingdom.

  7. I’ve been following Izzy’s story for awhile. I am so impressed with Izzy and your family. Your strength and ability to share your journey so eloquently touches so many. I pray for all of you for strength and healing.
    (I have another little friend named Cohen who spends lots of time at Cincinnati Children ‘s )

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