December 2011 – Part 2

The next day we went to the church for Christmas Eve. Mommy works at the church so we go there a lot. All the kids prayed for me in the room for kids. They did a special kinda prayer for when you’re sick and they put their hands on me. When I would look up and see their eyes, all the kids would smile at me but all the grown ups were crying. After we sang our Christmas songs to Jesus more grown ups prayed for me. It kinda made me worry with all those people praying and crying. And they kept praying the same things over and over and I wondered how many times you have to ask God something before he does it. Maybe they know the special number of times and that’s why they keep asking.

The day of my surgery I was real scared. We had to wake up early for the hospital. Lots of family came to see us in the room where you wait. But when the doctor came mommy made everyone leave so she and daddy could ask questions. He showed us a picture of the rock and told us how he was gonna to take it out. A real nice nurse had me put on a special nightgown and then gave me some medicine. It started to make me tired when they were talking. After the doctor left more nurses came. They said I had to hug mommy and daddy and that they couldn’t come back with me to the other room. That made me sad and even though I was sleepy I started crying.

I was real scared when I went into the room where they were gonna take out the rock. Everyone kept saying this was a hospital for kids but this room did not look like a place for kids. There were lots of scary machines and lights and the people in there were all covered in paper. They had paper over their clothes and their heads and even their faces. All I could see was their eyes. Some of them had nice eyes, like they were smiling. I found one lady with nice eyes and looked at her a lot as I fell asleep. She helped me stop crying and she said they were gonna take real good care of me.

When I woke up my tummy hurt a lot worse than it had before. I couldn’t remember where I was and I just wanted mommy. The lady with the nice eyes kept telling me that my mom could come back in just a little bit. But it seemed like a long time so I just kept crying. Finally, mommy and daddy both came back and they said they wouldn’t leave again.

I had to stay in the hospital for a few days but I don’t remember it much. I slept a lot and was real sore. Sometimes I would wake up crying and mommy or daddy would come lay with me. Finally, I got to go home. I was so excited to be in my own house and to be with Carter. He drew a picture of me and the rock that came out of my belly. Everyone was happy the rock was gone. I was most happy that my tummy would never hurt again.

One Reply to “December 2011 – Part 2”

  1. How can something be so sad yet told so beautifully . Having been born into a family with a lot of cancer , I pray daily for our families.

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