July 2012

A week later we packed lots of bags like we were going on a trip. Instead, we went to a hospital that was real far away from our house. I could watch ‘Tangled’ one whole time and then a little more on the drive. When we got to the hospital everyone started talking about the medicine I was gonna be getting. It was called chemo and it had to go in your blood. The only way the chemo could get in your blood was if they put in something called a LINE and I had to have surgery for that. I didn’t cry too much when they did the sleep medicine but I cried a lot when I woke up.

I didn’t like the lines (there were two even though they called it one) and I didn’t like that they were covered up with sticky plastic on my chest. Mommy asked the nurse about the sticky plastic and she said it would have to be there all the time. She said it was called a DRESSING and it kept out the germs. The line hung all the way down to my belly button. The nurse said I would have to be real careful not to let it get caught on anything or it could pull on my heart or something. The worst part about the line was that I couldn’t go swimming or even take a bath and those were two of my favorite things. Mommy said I wouldn’t be able to do my favorite things for a long, long time. I cried and cried about that because I was so sad. It didn’t seem fair that I couldn’t go to preschool or go swimming or even take a bath.

When the nurses brought the chemo in for the first time they were wearing paper gowns like that time people took the rock out. They wore hats and masks and gloves. They even wore special glasses to cover their eyes. It seemed like they were afraid to touch the chemo. I thought maybe if they touched it their hair would fall out. The chemo was in a bag and they hung it on a pole next to my bed. It ran through some machine that beeped a lot called a pump. Then it hooked up to one of my lines. They couldn’t touch the end of my lines when they hooked it up, not even with their special gloves. They said I could get real sick if germs got inside.

The worst part was when they would give my line a drink. Well, there’s actually two different kinds of drink for your line: SALINE and HEPARIN. Heparin was fine and I could tell when they was getting that one because it had a blue cap. But Saline comes with a white cap and I hated it. I could taste it in my mouth whenever they put it in my blood. Even when they did it while I was sleeping it would make me gag. They said the chemo might make me throw up but I thought the saline would.

I had never ever thrown up until my first time at the hospital. I was scared that first time because it was hard to breath and it burned my throat. But after that it didn’t seem so bad as everyone said. The nurses were giving me medicines to help me not throw up too which I thought was confusing. Every time they went to put something in my line I was starting to wonder: Is that one of the medicines that’s gonna make me sick or is that one of the ones that will make me better?

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