Winter 2015

I found something out that fall that made me real sad. Momma and I were talking about Christmas and presents one night and she told me that presents weren’t the most important part. I said that I knew that. But then she told me that some people didn’t get presents at all and I did not know that. She said we should be thankful for everything we had because some people didn’t have anything. Not even beds or blankets or home. She had seen people with no homes before and I was real mad that she didn’t bring them to our house. But momma said you couldn’t do that. She said people didn’t want to come to our house but they wanted to try to find a way to have homes for themselves. I cried that night because I was so sad that there were people outside in the cold. I told momma we at least had to bring them blankets.

We kept doing chemo at home and my scans said everything was still okay so I got to keep going to school and stuff. I kept asking momma when we were gonna take people blanks. But she kept forgetting or being too busy at work. I would forget sometimes too but at night when I would lay in my bed and be all warm under my blankets I would think about those people. And I would think how sad it would be to not have a home. So I just kept telling momma and daddy about it and I figured I wouldn’t stop until they let me take them blankets.

On December 23rd we finally go to do it. Momma said that was the day we had found out four years ago that I had cancer. And she said she wanted to make it a good day for other people by doing something that was important to me. We went out and bought a bunch of ribbon and blankets and then we wrapped them up real pretty. Then we put Christmas tags on them and I signed each one. Then momma, daddy, Carter and I all went down to the city and passed them out with cheeseburgers too. I don’t know if the people with no homes were more excited about the blankets or the cheeseburgers. Some of the people we met gave me a hug and some of them said they were real thankful for me thinking of them especially since I had cancer. That night when I went to sleep I thought about the people we had met and figured they were probably real glad to have a blanket.

3 Replies to “Winter 2015”

  1. I have followed your story izzy since your momma & daddy started telling your story & I think about you & what you have been through/going through every day.
    Your the bravest little girl around.
    I enjoy reading your story every day I have found things out about you that I never knew & always look forward to reading about you the next day,
    I knew you had been through alot but getting to know more feels like I know you, your beautiful you have a beautiful smile that lights up your eyes, your kind,clever & you fight so hard, you will get through this because your so strong.
    The way you still think of others when your going through so much just goes to show what a truly amazing little girl you are izzy.
    Keep strong keep smiling & remember how many hearts you have touched around the world & how many people are thinking of you & praying for you.
    Sending you ,Carter,mommy & daddy lots of love & prayers love from rebecca & emily Louise (that’s my daughter who is now 17 I use to tell her about you & she started following your story to, we often talk about you xx)
    From the united kingdom xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I loved your story, Izzy! You are very thoughtful and kind to do such a wonderful thing for the homeless people while you yourself have been suffering . God bless you! I continue to pray for God’s healing hand upon your life!

  3. Izzy- I wanted you to know that when I first read this entry on the blog, I thought passing out blankets would be a fine thing for my 3 kids to do. We always helped serve Christmas Eve dinner at our local soup kitchens, and so we started adding blankets to the food we served. Other volunteers and community members started donating blankets to hand out the very next year, and now each year hundreds of people receive blankets, thanks to you!! Thank you Izzy!

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